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District Profile : Demographic Details

2001 CENSUS:

As per 2001 Census. The population of Srikaulam District is 2537593. Of the population
the male population is 1260020 while the female population is 1277573 the decennial growth rate
from 1991 to 2001 is 9.33 Percent for the District as against 14.44 percent for the State, and
it is significantly lower than the state average regarding Sex-ratio in the state. The
density of population for the District is 435 persons per Sq.Km as against the State average of
277. The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe population of the District is 229609 and 151249
respectively. This forms 9.05 percent and 5.96 percent respectively in the total population of
the District as per 2001 census. There are 731778 male literates and 485881 female literates.
The literacy rate is 67.19 percent among males and 43.68 percent among female population of the
District. The urban population in the District is 278659 which works out to 11 percent of the
total population as against 27.35 percent for the state.

There are 6 urban units in Srikakulam District. Out of these, 4 are Municipalities and
2 are notified Panchayats. The Population details of lthese urban units are as follows:

Municipalities Population

1) Srikakulam 117320

2) Amadalavalasa 37931

3) Ichapuram 32662

4) Palasa-Kasibugga 49899


1) Sompeta 17423

2) Rajam 23424




National Informatics Centre - Andhra Pradesh

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